Molecular Epidemiology of Epizootic Diseases


Welcome to Epi-Seq.eu, a domain dedicated to the molecular epidemiology of epizootic diseases. Our goal is to disseminate knowledge about this key field of science, which is on the front line of defense against widespread animal disease outbreaks.

What is Molecular Epidemiology?

Molecular epidemiology is a field of science focused on the study of how genetics and molecular interactions affect the development and spread of diseases. In the case of epizootic diseases, our research is particularly important. These diseases are contagious to animals and can spread rapidly across species, leading to rapid and life-threatening epidemics.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to spread knowledge and scientific understanding of molecular epidemiology in the context of epizootic diseases. By publishing the latest research and information, we aim to help scientists, veterinarians and policy makers make evidence-based decisions.

What services do we have?

We offer access to the latest research and publications, a discussion forum for members of the scientific community, and the opportunity to organize lectures and training sessions. All of these resources are designed to help our community gain knowledge, exchange ideas and grow in the field.

Why Epi-Seq.eu?

Epi-Seq.eu's commitment to the molecular epidemiology of epizootic diseases is uncompromising. We are proud of our contribution to the field and constantly strive to provide the most up-to-date and reliable information. Through our resources, we aim to facilitate the understanding and management of epizootic diseases to ensure the health and safety of animals and humans.


The molecular epidemiology of epizootic diseases is crucial to public health and animal safety. At Epi-Seq.eu, we are committed to sharing the latest knowledge and research on this topic to help our community address these challenges. We invite you to take advantage of our resources and join our scientific community. Together we can make a difference.

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